Your new app for Tattoo Designs!

Dear artist,

I'm glad you found your way to this website. With the app "Under the Bridge" my long-cherished dream came true. After I have been looking for a way to gather a large collection of drawings of different styles, I am now able to offer such a platform. There, every artist gets the chance of earning money by publishing their works.

So, if you have talent, you can post your pictures here - even if you are not well established in the art scene. It doesn't matter whether you just draw for fun in your spare time or if you already get paid for your paintings. Buyers mainly use the published works as tattoo templates, tattoo designs or as inspiration for own tattoos.

As a longtime and passionate tattoo artist, I was stretched to my limits in day-to-day life in the tattoo parlor. Customers' wishes got more and more exceptional and individual. At the same time a rapid implementation of their ideas was expected.

This app is to facilitate a tattoo artists' work and grant customers direct access to a compact, wide range of different styles and options.
Here we have listed the most important questions: // Answers to commonly asked questions:

How can I register to attend?

You only need to have a valid email address to participate and, needless to say, you also need a PC with internet connection to add images to the app "Under the bridge". For uploading pictures, no IPad is necessary. But if you want to browse in the app itself, it will only be possible via IPad.

What do I need to do to register?

Just click "register" and sign up, which is of course free. Your personal registration link will afterwards be send to the email address provided.

What drawings can I offer?

Only self-painted drawings based on your own ideas may be uploaded. We do not publish images with racist, pornographic, insulting or violence-glorifying content as well as immoral ones or those against the law, especially criminal laws.

Who decides on the price?

Of course you alone are going to decide on the price. But please remain realistic in your price expectations as too high prices might scare off potential buyers.

How do I get my money and how much?

As it is the easiest and cheapest way for everyone involved, we have decided to send your money via Paypal. If you do not have an account, please open one at the following link https://www.paypal.com/. Billing will be carried out on a quarterly basis. Out of the price you fixed, Apple Inc. directly deducts 40%. The operator of the app will receive 20% and further 20% for administration and paypal will be incurred, so that in the end 20% will be left for you.

Why don't I receive emails from you?

Should you expect emails from us and don't receive them, please check your spam or junk mail folders, as we have no control over where the messages will be put within your email account.

What shall I do if I do not find the appropriate category?

Please send us a message if you miss categories to tag your pictures, so that we can add them to the system as soon as possible.

Why is this page only available in English?

As this website is to support people from all over the world, please use the English language for keywords, tags, categories, etc. so that your pictures will be accepted by us and therefore can be found by potential customers. Unfortunately, we can not accept other languages.

Thank you for your interest!

Stefan Raab